There is so little to say…
In terms of usability. it’s what a PC-to-TV interface should be. My wife, who is a far cry from the most tech literate of people, was ably navigating through most of our digital content in less than a minute.
But then I did say “most”…
The AppleTV supports MPEG-4 and h.264. Left out from this is support for any Microsoft formats and, more importantly, XviD and DivX. However, intrepid geeks are already busily hacking support into the AppleTV for both decoders and larger hard drives. That’s all well and good but talk to me once I can add these features without voiding my unit’s warranty.
As the AppleTV comes equipped with a 40GB drive, those of us with large-ish collections must stream content from iTunes. Is there a penalty? Only slightly. You can stream from up to five different iTunes libraries. Also, streaming start-up time, over an 802.11g network, takes on the order of a few seconds. Finally, fast forwarding and rewinding only works to the extent of the content buffered in memory – somewhere around 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the file size, I suppose.
All in all, I’m extremely pleased. It’s usable, makes my content portable, and now I can get to all of it through our 55” widescreen LCD DLP TV.
Oh, and all of that preparation that I did a couple of weeks ago? So worth it.

Posted by evan on Sunday, March 25, 2007

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