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More RailsConf 2007 Material

Here are recordings for the following sessions:

Also, here are Andrea O.K. Wright’s slides from her respond_to code walkthrough presentation. This was one of the most technical and in-depth code walkthroughs other than the “Rails Way” walktrhough. Enjoy!

Posted by evan on Jun 20, 2007

Initial Release of JustCall for OS X

After goofing around at home for a few days, I finally get back on the coding wagon, fixed a few more bugs, and packaged up JustCall v0.5.1 for release. It’s avaialble here. Feel free to play with it. It’s simple but that’s the point!

In later days, I’ll be adding call answering to it. Basically, this will pop up a panel with two very large buttons to accept or deny a call. After that, if anyone other than my wife regularly uses it, I’ll see about adding some new features. Otherwise, it’s back to writing additional tools to help me manage my media server or otherwise simplify some minor productivity annoyances that I have with various OS X apps.

Posted by evan on Jun 04, 2007

RailsConf 2007 Sessions (part 1)

Thanks to Matthew Cowley (madcowly on irc.freenode.net) for cleaning up the audio on these recordings, I now have three RailsConf07 sessions to share. For all of the below presentations, I asked for and received permission from the presenters to record and share these sessions.

Links below.


Posted by evan on Jun 01, 2007