RubyOSA presentation to Northern Virginia Ruby Users Group

This evening’s NoVaRUG was a good time. Rodney Degracia spoke first about RubyCLR, which provides a dynamically generated bridge between a Ruby VM and the RubyCLR. If I ever need to get at .NET internals again, now I know how I’m going to do it. In fact, I dropped an e-mail to a colleague in the office about it – except that his assembly is executed from Python. A quick Google turned up “Python for .NET” as an option.

Then it was my turn to talk to RubyOSA and RB-AppScript. Admittedly, after using both, I’m strongly biased toward RubyOSA. I have the distinct feeling that, after my presentation, the audience felt the same way.

Well, the Mac users in the audience.

Out of twenty or so people in the room, it turned out that I was really presenting to perhaps five or six Mac users. I suppose that RailsConf is in no way representative of your average Right Coast Ruby developer. However, oddly, nearly everyone stayed for my presentation. I even fielded several good questions. All in all, I had a blast.

When Xandy asked for topics for next time, I asked if someone would present on RSpec. His next words were, “Thanks for volunteering, Evan.”

Time to learn RSpec…

Slides available here: OS X Scripting with Ruby

Posted by evan on Wednesday, August 22, 2007

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