A time to revisit old gunk

Steven Bristol noted that the posted version of my “Change IM Status” script doesn’t work in Leopard. That may be as I’ve tweaked the heck out of it over the past several months but never posted the updates.

Hell, this is the first that I’ve heard of anyone else using the little beast. Cool!

What I really want to do with my IM/messaging apps is selectively block contacts programatically. This would let me build an “I’m Working” state where I could block out the world except for my immediate colleagues, for instance. Being somewhat ADD-ish (show me a developer who isn’t!) and a nearly-compulsive checker of incoming e-mail/IMs, this would be huge for me. I’m DYING for this.

Sadly, neither app seems to provide that level of event to OSA such that I could “veto” an incoming chat. I’m probably SoL regarding Skype but perhaps not so with Adium. I taught myself Objective-C for shits and giggles a few months ago after a chat with uber-hacker Marcel Molina. Maybe the Adium folks would be amenable to a new feature?

I’d still prefer for an event-based architecture where I could register my app for OSA events from Skype/Adium and use them to effect Skype/Adium.

Hrm. I wonder if iChat provides a more robust OSA model? Worth a looksy.

P.S. I’m ticked that the “Current Application” -> “Show Menu Items” feature of Quicksilver seems to be broken in Leopard. I loved this feature for blog posting from TextMate…

Posted by evan on Wednesday, October 31, 2007

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