NoVaJUG presentation of Unit Testing J2EE from JRuby

This evening, I gave my first presentation of Unit Testing J2EE from JRuby to the Northern Virginia Java User’s Group. It was a very interesting experience. The audience asked some interesting questions – but it was also an insightful reminder of my origins as an engineer. Out of approxiately a 30 member audience, perhaps 4 had done any TDD and only a single one had ever used mock objects. While mocks have their origins largely in Java (at least their initial implementations), it is interesting to see that they have been far more readily adopted in the Ruby community than Java.

Also, Mocha suddenly jumped from v0.5.6 to v0.9?!

So jrsplenda broke when I tried to demo it on my wife’s spiffy new Macbook Air – as I was foolish enough to just ‘sudo gem install mocha’.

Who the hell has a public release at 0.5.6 and then another at 0.9? I am so integrating FlexMock into jrsplenda in the next release. I can’t see Jim Weirich doing anything like that.

I’m halfway tempted to redo and give my BDD with RSpec talk to NoVaJUG as a JRuby-Java BDD talk. More people should be doing BDD and not merely those of us working in dynamic languages. Were it so, I imagine that I would encounter far more testable and maintainable code in the Java community.

Slides from the presentation are available here

Posted by evan on Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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