Two mac apps that I cannot live without

I do not like paper. It has a high latency seek time. Insertion time onto paper is slower than a keyboard. Insertion time of paper into a “filing system” is high latency – unless the filing system is well sorted. Sorting a filing system is high latency. Maintaining a filing system for paper is attrocious because it’s non-portable and difficult to replicate/backup.

There are so many reasons that I hate paper.

And that’s why I need my Mac

So, yes, I’m serious. These Mac apps enable my life. Without them, I would be forced to use paper.

So here they are and why:

  1. Devon Think Pro Office: It’s literally the database of my life. When I receive an evil piece of paper, I scan it (via Fujitsu Scansnap), OCR it, and store it in DevonThink. Within DevonThink, I can tag and easily search documents by both tags and OCR’d content.
  2. Things: Yes, I admit it: I’m a GTD freak. Until recently, I was an OmniFocus adherent. However, I found that OmniFocus resulted in a kind of cognitive overload for me. Things is far less structured and therefore less like the high maintenance paper filing system that I allude to above. Things does support tags (see a trend forming?) as well as the typical GTD Projects and Areas. An “Area” is not a GTD “Context”. That is, Projects do not go into Areas. They are more generalized than that. They’re a sort of catch-all for anything that doesn’t neatly fit in a Project.

Posted by evan on Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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