My thoughts on the refreshed Macbook Pro 15"

The new MBP is nice. However, in case you didn’t know, I bought it so as to have an MBP covered by warranty! Otherwise, I would have been quite pleased with my current-gen MBP 17””

That said, it is faster in most respects, built very solidly, and significantly lighter than my previous MBP 17”. I like having all of the cables on one side of the device. I hate that I need 2 new adapter cables to plug in my iSight and use the (%#@^&ing!!!!!!) DisplayPort with my 30” monitor – and despise that the DVI-DL cable for my 30” monitor is $100 motherfucking dollars!

Whereas various adapters used to come with every new MBP, now they’re all aftermarket – and the laptops are not appreciably more affordable for it! Apple is getting so damn cheap that it’s obnoxious.

Handbrake and MacTheRipper choke on the new MBP.

The LED screen is nice!

The lower resolution screen is FAIL.

Being able to swap in a new hard drive easily is nice…

… even though I may never do it.

The now harder-to-reach battery makes me sad. I used to swap batteries when power was low. Now I’ll just run crying for an electrical outlet. The battery/hard drive panel is a bitch to resecure.

Coming with 4GB of RAM is awesome – especially since the RAM is now a whole helluva lot harder to reach than it was in previous models. Sure, the one part of the laptop that people were likely to want to tweak, Apple has made more difficult to access.

The new graphics chipset (9600M GT) is super-fast!

… and having to logout to switch from the 9400M to the high power 9600M GT blows. Especially when the chipset supports software-based switching (per TUAW blog).

Overall, while I approve of the new laptop, I am saddened that Apple has gone to such lengths to ensure that it maximizes its profit on purchases per unit. Buy more adapters… ‘cuz don’t give them to you! Buy it with all of the RAM that you want… ‘cuz you won’t want to try to upgrade this puppy! Anyone see a trend here?

Conclusion? Evolutionary. Physically solid. Improved graphics. Buy only if you need a new Apple laptop.

Posted by evan on Monday, November 03, 2008

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