Road Trip, Phase I: Floyd, VA

It’s been three days since I arrived in Floyd, VA. I have been working with Entryway on a variety of their projects over the past few days. Entryway (Gustin, Jonathan, Bobby, and Katie) are a relaxed yet hard working team. So far, I’ve paired with Gustin, Jonathan, and Bobby – ironically far more on problem solving than on actual coding. As someone who has not paired all that often in the past, I’ve enjoyed both the social and educational aspects of pairing. It’s been very much a two way exchange, as it should be.

I have shared some good discussions on the non-software craftsman’s view of software craftsmanship, how much testing is enough, the ins-and-outs of contemporary software testing tools, and the state of templating in Rails. I’m curious to discuss Gustin’s latest open source endeavor, “subView”, Bobby’s background as a graphic designer turned Rails developer, following up with Jonathan on his BDD journey, and Katie on any tips that she’d be willing to share with those of us who are more… ahem… artistically impaired (i.e., me!). It’s been a busy week since I’ve been here. I hope to interview them individually to discuss these topics further, time allowing.

Gustin and his wife Andrea have been wonderful and generous hosts. Their homestead is a delightful respite from the busy world where I grew up (in Vienna, Virginia, a Washington, D.C. suburb)–although sharing a little bit of commonality with my current home a few miles West of Ocean City, Maryland. I’m very grateful for their sharing of the hospitality and warmth of their home.

I’ll be moving on to Chesapeake, Virginia on 11/1 to hang out with Brennan Dunn and some of the guys from 757.rb. They’re holding an event, 757 Studio on 11/5 that I’ll be attending. I’m looking forward to a few days of meeting some new Rubyists and pairing with Brennan on a rewrite of Coulda that will include Rails support.

And then I’ll shove on home 11/6 to return my Palm Pre and pick up a new Motorola Droid. ;-)

Evan out.

Posted by evan on Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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