Why you should work with me

I believe in candor.

I always give a straight answer. Sometimes that answer isn’t the one that you want to hear. However, I believe that hiding the bad news from you only weakens our relationship and your project.

I want to see you succeed.

To that extent, I will help guide you through the process, providing my insight to add value to your business. At any given time, if you’d rather that I do it your way, I’m open to it, because….

I want my customers to be happy.

Few software developers and consultant realize it, but the software development consulting business is, first and foremost, a customer service business. If you’re not happy then our relationship will not be mutually beneficial. And I always seek the WIN-WIN.

I ship.

At the outset, we will agree on a release date/window for your product. We will together prioritize the features that you need for your Minimum Viable Product. This is part of the agile development methodology that I loosely follow. This will also likely define your first release. And it will ship on schedule.

I believe in forging meaningful long term relationships.

Engaging me alone, or with several of my peers, is not engaging a business but forging a relationship. Good business is built upon the understanding and trust in that relationship. The better that we understand one another, the better we will work together. From day one, I am trying to understand you and your needs to better add value to your business. Trust comes with everything else that I’ve already cited above (e.g., candor, shipping).

Please do feel free to contact me with opportunities at sleight42 AT gmail DOT com. Subsitute the “AT” and “DOT with “@” and “.” for the actual email address.

Posted by evan on Monday, June 21, 2010

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