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For those of you who have found any of my blog posts, conference presentations, pairing with me, or rants from me in other contexts to be of value, I need your help.

I live in Worcester County: perhaps the poorest county in the state of Maryland. The unemployment here is worse than the already depressing national average.

Sadly, the local educational system emphasizes anemic tech skills. While they recently began offering an online-only Ruby course, they don’t offer one on their campus. Nor do they offer a Ruby on Rails course. I approached them 3 years ago to allow me to teach a Rails course and was rebuffed.

This is the year that they’ll have a Rails course. I don’t care if I or someone else teaches it. Although I don’t know anyone who does Ruby or Rails within 150 miles of here. That means that it’s probably me.

I’m trying to convince the community college that the economic demand is there. If their prospective students aren’t asking for the skills then the skills should be marketed better to the students.

So now I need your help.

Please let me know if you’d be willing to act as a reference as I attempt to win the community college over.


UPDATED: You can best help by writing a comment on this post about what, when, and where you learned something from me and what you thought of my ability to teach. Thanks! The sudden outpouring of support has been as surprising as it is appreciated!

UPDATED2: Please do mention a little about yourself as well for context.

Posted by evan on Saturday, July 16, 2011

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